Thursday, April 18, 2013


Poland is also well know for many beautiful  places. Definitely worth seeing are Krakow and Wieliczka Salt Mine. It was constantly working from 13th century until 2007. It was one of the world’s oldest operating salt mine. It is believed that it is the 14th- oldest company still in operation. 

The companies brand sign is one of the oldest in the world. It is the oldest brand in Poland, because the salt form Wieliczka was the first product that was marked with a livery. This was the special, white salt that was supposed to be served on King’s table. It was marked with king’s eagle. This sign is still used by the mine, to symbolize the tradition of the company and highest quality.

Wieliczka Salt Mine reaches a depth of 327 meters and is over 300 km long. The tour is well  known all over the world. It was created in XVIII and XIX centuries. Every year there are over 1mln visitors in Wieliczka. The tour is 3km long. It consists of 20 chambers, which are located on first three levels (from -64 to -135 meters). The tour takes about 2 hours.
Wieliczka is situated nearby Kraków. It is comfortable to see the mine during the day and go to Kraków later. A trip to Wieliczka is often offered in a package of Krakow tours. If you want to save money there are a lot of Moon Hostel Cracow.

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