Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sweet Wawel

The history of Wawel goes back to the year 1898, when Adam Piasecki set up a confectionery company in Kraków. Then it became factory and started to open first Wawel shops. It’s most famous products are chocolades, chocolade bar Danusia, Kasztanki, Malaga and Tiki Taki. First shop was opened in the centre of Kraków in 1916. Now the company has 16 shops in Poland and one in Germany.


First overseas shop was opened in Günzburg, which is located in Bavaria. Chocolaterie Wawel is the first and only one such place in this city. It is very popular among local residents and tourists that come to visit Legoland, which is nearby.

When you visit Poland don’t forget to buy at least one chocolate from Wawel and go the Wawel shop. In other countries you can buy Wawel products in Tesco and other shops.


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