Thursday, April 18, 2013

Raben company

The storage and distribution company, Raben is carefully monitored. A complicated system of stock management, you can: active inventory management, transportation services delivered on time, picking goods on pallets and preparing shipments, detailed reporting to the contractors, the issue of products in accordance with the principles of FIFO, PROD, BBD, or any other rules agreed individually with the client, electronic data exchange with customers (call EDI), through which information can be transferred in real time, system audits, inter alia, the expiry date of the goods, the goods serial numbers, serial numbers of pallets (the history of operations and available after the release of products from the store).
The storage group Raben address of your choice we deliver products of any size - from a parcel całosamochodowe loads. Our standard in the distribution are: the exchange of pallets to customers, confirmed by returning the documents relevant to the requirements of the conditions of transport, delivery to the commercial networks - fixed hourly notification. Perfect international logistics is our main goal.
Buildings Storage Raben Group in Poland are: the modern international transportation systems, high storage, full protection and procedures for monitoring the halls, the administration of storage sites.
Raben Group in Poland presents a service in the selected areas: warehousing, freight forwarding, full service automotive logistics: CJ International, sea freight and air: Raben Sea - Air freight international shipping, complete logistics services, full service logistics of fresh products (from +2 to +6 C): Fresh Logistics.


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