Thursday, April 18, 2013

Prince among the chocolate wafer

What is #1 chocolate bar in Iceland? Prince Polo.  It is one of three most popular chocolate wafer in Poland. Prince Polo is a chocolate-covered wafer, with four layers of thin biscuits joined by three layers of chocolate- flavoured filling. It was first launched in early 1950s by Olza in Cieszyn, now the owner is Kraft Foods. But since the beginning the recipe is the same. Thanks to this the flavour remains unique and extraordinary. Prince Polo came to Iceland in 1955 and since then it is market leading brand. The status of Prince Polo in Iceland was unique and can be described to be similar to the status of Coca-Cola in the United States.  Even the president of Iceland Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, when he visited Poland, said “A whole Icelanders  generation has grown on two things - the American Coca-Cola and the Polish Prince Polo”. There even was a very popular song about the brand.

It is not only popular in Poland and Island, but Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary as well, but there is was introduced as Siesta. Now it’s also exported to USA, Germany, Great Britain, Italy and so one. It’s also popular to send them by post to families abroad. You can even buy Prince Polo on e-bay or

Since 1995 Prince Polo launched new tastes. Now apart form the Classic taste you can buy milk, walnut, with walnut topping, coconut and latte. Also in 1995 the first Prince Polo’s TV campaign was introduced in Poland. In the ‘80s it was also possible to buy the triangle version, but then it was withdrawn from the marked.

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