Thursday, April 18, 2013

Power factor correction systems

„ELMA energia” company as a manufacturer offers a wide scope of power factor correction systems - basic and the most advanced – and the highest quality electric apparatuses.
Linear loads with low power factor may be corrected with a passive net of capacitors or inductors. Non-linear loads (such as rectifiers) distort the current drawn from the system. In such cases, passive or active power factor correction can be used to do opposite acction the distortion and raise the power factor. The tools for correction of the power factor can be at a central substation, spread out over a distribution system, or built into power-consuming equipment.
This reduces number and the size of components. Although the conductors have to be very big to manage with the high currents associated with the lower voltage. Mainly, static compensation is not done at line voltage. A bank of transformers steps the transmission voltage (for example, 230 kV) down to a lower level.
Groups of large and specially constructed, low-inductance are called capacitor banks or capacitor. They mostly are used to supply huge pulses of current for many power applications. These contain Marx generators, pulsed lasers (especially TEA lasers), pulse forming networks, particle accelerators, fusion research, radar, and electromagnetic forming.
Big capicitors are used as energy sources for the exploding-bridgewire detonators or slapper detonators in nuclear bombs or specialty weapons. Forward-looking work is started using capacitor banks as power sources for electromagnetic armour and electromagnetic railguns and coilguns.

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