Thursday, April 18, 2013

KROSNO. Stylish glass.

One of the finest glass producer is Krosno. They produce all kind of glasses, vases, decanter and many other things.  Krosno was founded in 1923 and the production began in 1924. It started production for export in 1945. Now Krosno products are probably in almost every polish house. They are offering both high-end, unique, luxurious glass and mass-production glasses. But all products are exceptional and well designed. The glassware manufactured by the company combines unique patterns, excellent workmanship, and state-of-the-art technologies. The high quality of the products and the impeccable molten glass are achieved thanks to manufacturing methods developed over many years and the specification of the ingredients that are used.

Now, after Easter, it’s time to open the wedding season. It is always a problem to find a proper present, which would match the newlyweds tastes, and that would stay for many years, best if forever. Krosno glass offers classical design, which is simple but matches everything and is always magnificent. If the owner wants to give out of the ordinary product there are lot of hand-made, short series products. 

Krosno can be bought in Poland or via internet shop.

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