Thursday, April 18, 2013

Freeze-dried mushrooms

In the 50s of the twentieth century for the aerospace and military freeze-drying process was invented food. Freeze drying is freeze dried fruits not only used in the food industry. It involves freezing and drying of freeze dried freeze dried herbs receptive to heating. Produced freeze-dried food is mainly designed for travelers and sportsmen. Freeze-dried food is light and very importantly, retains all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals.
Freeze-drying process used to regenerate damaged and freeze dried mushrooms flooded, attacked by fungus and worms, archives, books, libraries, documents. Apply to the liquid nitrogen or a mixture of cooling. Damaged material freezes freeze dried to very low temperatures and then dried in such a way to skip the liquid phase. Lyophilization is one of the most effective methods of food preservation. The lyophilized product is characterized by a freeze dried products very good solubility and absorption by the body. It is also applied in pharmaceutical factories, chemical laboratories, biotechnology, archeology. Recently, however, also produces a freeze-dried food freeze dried vegetables for everyday home use as the most healthy, freeze dried containing all the necessary ingredients for proper nutrition.


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