Thursday, April 18, 2013


Poland is also well know for many beautiful  places. Definitely worth seeing are Krakow and Wieliczka Salt Mine. It was constantly working from 13th century until 2007. It was one of the world’s oldest operating salt mine. It is believed that it is the 14th- oldest company still in operation. 

Prince among the chocolate wafer

What is #1 chocolate bar in Iceland? Prince Polo.  It is one of three most popular chocolate wafer in Poland. Prince Polo is a chocolate-covered wafer, with four layers of thin biscuits joined by three layers of chocolate- flavoured filling. It was first launched in early 1950s by Olza in Cieszyn, now the owner is Kraft Foods. But since the beginning the recipe is the same. Thanks to this the flavour remains unique and extraordinary. Prince Polo came to Iceland in 1955 and since then it is market leading brand. The status of Prince Polo in Iceland was unique and can be described to be similar to the status of Coca-Cola in the United States.  Even the president of Iceland Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, when he visited Poland, said “A whole Icelanders  generation has grown on two things - the American Coca-Cola and the Polish Prince Polo”. There even was a very popular song about the brand.


KROSNO. Stylish glass.

One of the finest glass producer is Krosno. They produce all kind of glasses, vases, decanter and many other things.  Krosno was founded in 1923 and the production began in 1924. It started production for export in 1945. Now Krosno products are probably in almost every polish house. They are offering both high-end, unique, luxurious glass and mass-production glasses. But all products are exceptional and well designed. The glassware manufactured by the company combines unique patterns, excellent workmanship, and state-of-the-art technologies. The high quality of the products and the impeccable molten glass are achieved thanks to manufacturing methods developed over many years and the specification of the ingredients that are used.

Sweet Wawel

The history of Wawel goes back to the year 1898, when Adam Piasecki set up a confectionery company in Kraków. Then it became factory and started to open first Wawel shops. It’s most famous products are chocolades, chocolade bar Danusia, Kasztanki, Malaga and Tiki Taki. First shop was opened in the centre of Kraków in 1916. Now the company has 16 shops in Poland and one in Germany.



One of the finest polish alcohol drink? Belvedere Vodka! Belvedere is the world's first luxury vodka, authentic and natural, handcrafted the way Polish vodka has been made for over 600 years. It’s only made in Poland in Żyrardów. The production is local, which helps with giving the best quality to the consumers. But the distribution is worldwide! In 1996 Belvedere Vodka has won the American market. 

Handmade Polish Linen

Easter is coming so it is time to find a perfect present. We are always searching for something tasteful that will stay for years and will remind the owner abut nice Easter spend with family and friends. One of this products can be handmade Polish linen. This tablecloth and napkins can serve you and your children for many, many years. It is widely said that  Polish linen ‘Decorates you and your table’. They are considered as high-end products. Polish companies are well known to be one of the finest producers of linen in the world.

Freeze-dried mushrooms

In the 50s of the twentieth century for the aerospace and military freeze-drying process was invented food. Freeze drying is freeze dried fruits not only used in the food industry. It involves freezing and drying of freeze dried freeze dried herbs receptive to heating. Produced freeze-dried food is mainly designed for travelers and sportsmen. Freeze-dried food is light and very importantly, retains all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Raben company

The storage and distribution company, Raben is carefully monitored. A complicated system of stock management, you can: active inventory management, transportation services delivered on time, picking goods on pallets and preparing shipments, detailed reporting to the contractors, the issue of products in accordance with the principles of FIFO, PROD, BBD, or any other rules agreed individually with the client, electronic data exchange with customers (call EDI), through which information can be transferred in real time, system audits, inter alia, the expiry date of the goods, the goods serial numbers, serial numbers of pallets (the history of operations and available after the release of products from the store).

Poznan resorts

Restaurant Hotel Poznan is listed among the finest in. In addition to meals for guests, our restaurant serves Poznan orders and orders for family support for banquets or catering Town.
Poznan is the third population of western Polish town and country crafts center. It is also a city with a complicated history, but unfortunately so fatally experienced the Second World War and the communist times and stay of individuals occupying Soviet army.

Experts in certifying quality management

ISO 9001 is a process and system-orientated approach to quality management and continuous improvement. It enables all kinds of organisations to introduce a management system geared to their individual needs and circumstances.
We are one of the most experienced certification organisations in Europe and we have an excellent global reputation. Our offices around the world are staffed by auditors who understand your business and speak your language. You can count on a harmonised international procedure. Our auditing schemes and reports in the USA do not differ from those in Europe or Asia – although we naturally take each local situation into account.

Healthcare professionals from Poland

Paragona is a leading European provider of international solutions to staff shortage problems for the healthcare sector.
Since 2002, we have helped over 100 healthcare operators in 6 countries fill permanent vacancies and over 1 000 healthcare professionals and family members to relocate. On average, 95% of our healthcare professionals stay in the country to which they have been recruited.

Power factor correction systems

„ELMA energia” company as a manufacturer offers a wide scope of power factor correction systems - basic and the most advanced – and the highest quality electric apparatuses.
Linear loads with low power factor may be corrected with a passive net of capacitors or inductors. Non-linear loads (such as rectifiers) distort the current drawn from the system. In such cases, passive or active power factor correction can be used to do opposite acction the distortion and raise the power factor. The tools for correction of the power factor can be at a central substation, spread out over a distribution system, or built into power-consuming equipment.

Airport Transfers in Poland

Our company can arrange airport transfers for all airports across the country, 24 hours a day.
We are pioneer and leader in door to door transportation in Poland. Our fleet of people carriers is for your disposal 365 days a year.
You can have regular taxi, Limo, MPV, VAN, minibus, midibus and regular coach.
As a company we ensure that the safety and comfort of our passengers is always a top priority.